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cycoe | yves corminboeuf

rue de la faïencerie 7

+41 22 301 08 61

1227 carouge | switzerland



yves corminboeuf

industrial designer HES - SDA

design and sustainable development consulting

teacher and sustainability officer at the HEAD–Genève

(Geneva University of applied art and design )

co-founder and president of the Association Matériuum


The approach of cycoe fully takes into account the complexity of contemporary

society. It integrates the principles of sustainability at every stage

of the process leading from needs to their creative answers.

dynamic context, Victor Margolin, Guido Styger, Yves Corminboeuf, 2009


Dynamic context

Yves Corminboeuf

Guido Styger

Victor Margolin

Cycoe favours trans-disciplinary relations integrating the multiple visions

linked to economic, societal, environmental and cultural issues.

holistic design, Yves Corminboeuf, 2013


Holistic design

Yves Corminboeuf

The core values of quality of life and responsibility lie at the heart

of its concerns.

sustainability, Lucas Luisoni, Yves Corminboeuf, 2008



Yves Corminboeuf

Lucas Luisoni


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